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Inter-Curricular Programming

As part of Manotick’s commitment, we provide holistic early childhood education to include the physical, psychological, social and emotional development of a child.

Body Movement: Body Movement is a program unique to our centre and is taught to the CASA age group. The class is a collaboration of music, movement, exercise, and drama. Our music is always very unique, interesting and diverse. Children absolutely love the body movement class! This creative edge gives our them the opportunity to express themselves dramatically and participation in the creative arts helps them have a balanced early childhood education. It encourages self-confidence and promotes self-awareness.

Art: Art is taught in various mediums, and can use a variety of materials such as finger paint, chalk, pencil crayons, crayons, sticks, glue, goo, glitter, clay, paper cups, etc. The list will go on and on because our instructors never run out of creative art ideas or sensorial messy activities for the children to get their hands into. We believe art is a necessity in every child’s life.

Yoga: All age groups take part in our yoga program. Yoga strengthens and helps developing bodies become more flexible and coordinated. This program helps enhance self-awareness and children learn early to tune into their bodies. When practicing yoga, they learn ways to relax and get control of stress in their lives through breathing techniques and meditation.

Physical Activities: All children attending our centre participate in Physical Activities each week in order to gain fine and gross motor skills. For Toddlers, the focus is developing balance and coordination while using items such as balls, tricycles and balance beams. For the CASA classes, along with developing balance, coordination and strength, the children also develop the skills for working as a team to complete obstacle courses, relay races and various other games. During the warmer months, the CASA group may participate in outdoor gym by going on nature walks, running the hill or other fun outdoor activities. In the winter, you may find them tobogganing on the hill or skating on the pond.

French Theory Program: In the afternoons, Manotick Montessori offers French Theory for the Full-Day CASA program at no extra cost! Our French Program is a wonderful way for your child to gain additional exposure to the French language. The program is separate from the morning French lesson in that the children learn advanced French material such as letter identification, syllables and will eventually be reading French words. During these sessions, children will focus on increasing their vocabulary through the use of materials, songs, and games. This program will be a great starter for those entering into the Immersion Program.

For our regular program, Toddlers have 15-minute lessons per day and CASA have 30-minute lessons. French is taught through stories, songs and games. Our French instructor speaks mostly in French during the class as well as in the hallway and outside to provide as much French dialogue as possible.

The diverse creative program is sure to ignite imagination and inspiration!