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Recreational Programming

BrightPath Studios offers premium programs for the whole family. We offer small class sizes led by passionate and enthusiastic instructors and most importantly – a fun & encouraging environment.

Instructors for BrightPath Studios are employed as BrightPath/Manotick Montessori staff, and follow the same prerequisites as regular early childhood program educators.

Early Readers: A strong base in early literacy is the best gift you can give your child. Our reading program assesses and creates individual programs for their success building confidence while reinforcing alphabet and sound recognition. The program teaches children the basic concepts of literacy to begin reading; strategies we use will include small group instruction, movement, fine motor skills and games. Your child will find their confidence and learn to love reading!

Junior Mathletes: Early Math allows kids to get started with Math practice in a fun way. It is ideal for children aged four to six years and is a wonderful way to get kids ready for preschool and kindergarten. They will work through early numeracy and learn math through play. Children will be taught basic math concepts using various curriculums to help them learn while playing and having fun through activities. The concepts include understanding size, shape, and patterns, ability to count verbally (first forward, then backward), recognizing numerals, identifying more and less of a quantity, understanding one-to-one correspondence etc.

Early Readers & Junior Mathletes classes are 12-week programs to increase your child’s skills in reading and math. Each class has a maximum of 8 spots and is 45 minutes long.

Dance: Our dance programs are based on multi-discipline dance style learning, a solid technique base while having fun and working on unique choreography. Our children learn the ever-important technical base for each style. We also believe that being a well-rounded dancer today means more than just learning the technique - there needs to be a deliberate focus on developing dance expression and individual style - the "wow" factor.

  • Fairytale Magic Ballet Ages 3-4
    An enchanting introduction to dance! We learn Ballet basics through dress up, stories and games. This UN-PARENTED class is for those little dancers not quite ready for the length and structure of our Princess Ballet class. We explore different themes each week and learn to dance like princesses, flowers, mermaids and more!
  • Fairytale Magic Ballet Ages 4-5
    Our classes perfectly capture the imagination of this age! We dance to princess themed music, dress up in our princess skirts during the class, and generally move about our "kingdom" with style and grace. Oh, and we sneak in the ballet technique when they aren't looking! A perfect class for your princess. Bring a skirt, knee length or shorter, that we will use to twirl around in.
  • Hippity Hop Ages 3-4
    A fun, high-energy intro to dance class for boys and girls. This class is an introduction to the basic elements of Hip Hop, Funk & Creative Movement. This class will help develop basic hand-eye coordination and body awareness. This class is full of rhythm, games, simple choreography and high-energy craziness all set to cool funky music! If your child loves movin' and groovin' have him/her hippity hop into this class.
  • Hip Hop Ages 5-6
    A funky, popular style of dance that includes popping, locking and breaking. There is an emphasis on personal style, confidence and strength. A class filled with groovy combinations for your unique child.
  • Jazz Ages 3 – 4 & Ages 5 – 6
    It’s finally here! BrightPath Studios is proud to be offering Jazz-only classes! Using A.D.A.P.T. syllabus, and our excellent instructors, your child will receive a well-rounded education on the fundamental technique of jazz dance, as well as delving into more popular forms (street jazz, and hip hop). Give our Jazz classes a try by themselves, or in conjunction with studying other dance forms!